Letter From Secretary General,


Esteemed Participants,

It is my ultimate pleasure to invite you all to 6th annual session of Izmir Gelişim Model United Nations. My name is Selena Yedikardeş and I will serve as the Secretary General of IGMUN 2020. I am delighted to announce that this year, IGMUN will be held in Izmir Gelişim College between 30 April-3 May. 


I’ve been attending MUN conferences since I was 11. When I stepped into my first Model United Nations conference it was in United Nations Headquarters. For a little girl with a big heart and dreams, it was extremely inspiring to be standing there as a delegate. From my childhood to the present day, I was raised with the quote: “Be different so you could make a difference.” which was one of the reasons why I have attended Model United Nations conferences since it was the only platform for students to discuss worldwide politics, crises, solutions and current topics that everyone should be aware of. Besides the academic benefits, these conferences help you to communicate. Moreover, you will have a chance to widen your perspective. Thanks to MUN I have learned a lot of skills that I could have never learned without attending these conferences. We are living in a world of difficulties and disasters. As the younger generations, this is our turn to handle the issues and tackle them for the world that we are living in. IGMUN is the best platform for you, if you have these kinds of ambition. Becoming the Secretary General of the conference, which inspire other schools for organising their MUN platforms and spread their ideas to Turkey, even to NATO, is such an achievement. For the last 6 years, our main goal has been to give participants unforgettable life-long memories and serve them at the best academic level.


This year we are providing 8 simulated committees in IGMUN. As it is the major part of our goal, we are looking forward to serve you at the highest quality of the academic level. Our incredible team is working day and night without exhaustion to provide the best agenda items, study guides, social events and photos which will bring your memories back. Therefore make participants leave the conference with a big smile on their faces and even their heart will beat as “IGMUN”. Each year, we have learned more and more from our mistakes and have improved ourselves to give you an unforgettable MUN experience. When our first conference held place, there were 100 guests, however after 4 years we have had more than 500 guests which shows how much we have improved. IGMUN is more than a conference; you will build amazing bonds with people that you wouldn’t have encountered if it wasn’t for this conference. Other than creating and developing friendships, Model United Nations have always helped with boosting people’s confidence.


As the IGMUN family, we look forward to meet you in April. We sincerely hope that you will gain awareness about current global problems and learn to brainstorm in sessions which will encourage you to take further actions. Also, you will have an amazing MUN experience that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Hope to see you in IGMUN’20!


Sincerely Yours,


Secretary General